Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Context is Everything

I met a very nice chap today, who was introduced as "the Architect". Even his business card had "VP of Architecture" on it. I nearly fell into the trap of assuming he was an IT architect interested in all things software (and more besides). Turns out he was an enterprise architect and that IT was just one part of his remit. I'm glad I asked (and yes, we did have a good conversation once that contextual information was shared!).

I know it's obvious, but it's essential (and reasonable) to ask an "architect" what they actually do when they tell you they're an architect. I mean, there are enough different architecture-related roles out there - enterprise architect, system architect, software architect, infrastructure architect, security architect etc. etc. and if someone told you they were a "manager" you wouldn't think twice about asking them what they manage! And some "architects" really aren't - but that's a longer blog :)

And as for the title of this blog - "Eeles on Architecture" seemed to roll off the tongue better than some of the alternatives!

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  1. Yes this is a nicety that is becoming more apparent to me; meeting today with an organisation which is appointing a 'finance' architect I realised that business domain knowledge was creaping into my own bounded definitions of an architect.

    In reality I think what they mean is an application architect who specialises in financial applications but the effect was to remind me that although we have core disciplines our work is often seen within the business or IT to which it applies - so network architect, security architect and so on.