Thursday, 20 August 2009

The 10 Keys to Successful Architecting

I've been using the following "Top 10" keys to successful architecting lately - since it allows me to touch on almost every aspect of architecting - you might find it useful. Of course, there's a lot more behind each key - and if you're attending the Rational Software Conference in the UK ( I'll be going into each of these in some detail. So ... here they are:

Successful software architects …

1. Understand end-to-end development
For example, they ... follow a repeatable process

2. Understand their role
For example, they ... understand what an architecture is
For example, they ... understand what an architect does
For example, they ... understand the benefits of architecting

3. Manage risk and manage change
For example, they ... derive their architectures iteratively

4. Communicate with stakeholders
For example, they ... document their architectures

5. Reuse assets
For example, they ... embrace different types of assets

6. Right-size their involvement
For example, they ... select relevant viewpoints

7. Influence the requirements
For example, they ... ensure tradeoffs are negotiated

8. Derive solutions from business needs
For example, they ... produce business-driven architectures

9. Refine solutions based on technology
For example, they ... realize architectures in available technology

10. Appreciate the broader context
For example, they ... align their work with the “bigger picture”

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